Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's Hard To Do This Alone

Shiloh Musings, my other, or "main" blog sometimes takes off without my having to do anything.  There are a few friends, acquaintances with blogging/posting rights, and they sometimes surprise me by writing something for the blog.  I like the idea that it's not just me.  I think having other voices from other places and situations makes the blog more valuable and more interesting.

Last week there were quite a few posts by my "teammates."  Sometimes it seems like months go by with just my lonesome blogging.

I haven't found anyone to blog here.  This blog is a bit more me, more eccentric, whatever.  It covers lots of material, but rather thinly.


Hadassa said...

Batya, do you really want us to write in your - rhymes with diary - blogiary? Also consider that most of the comments here are as long as the post itself. You're not alone!

Batya said...

Hadassa, you're welcome to join both if you want.