Friday, April 23, 2010

Preparing for Summer

There's G-d's work and there's the work that must be done by humans. Getting ready for summer has work for us all.

If you look carefully here, you can see that there's someone by the pool working on repairs. That's one of the first signs of summer here in Shiloh.

I enjoy observing our grape vines. During the winter you just see dead-looking branches, but as spring comes, so do leaves, and now between spring and summer we can see the very beginnings of the grapes. Of course it will take another few months for them to be real edible ones. 

Last year there was nothing to harvest. G-d willing, this year we'll be able to enjoy the fruit of the vine.


Hadassa said...

My kids already asked me when the pool here opens. Apparently not soon enough!

Batya said...

Kids! I can wait; it's still too cold.