Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Bissel Rant and Update

A "bissel"'s "a little."

Yes, kvetch I will about these computers.  Last night I didn't succeed in getting a single post posted, even though I began with a "draft."  That's a partially posted blog post.  I need to upload pictures on the other computer.  This one rarely cooperates.  The other one usually does.  So I leave the post in draft and then recover it here for the writing, graphics etc and then post.  But the computer was so slow I couldn't finish editing etc and just left it until this morning.  (See previous post.)

Now, this morning I tried uploading pictures but discovered that firefox, the browser we use on the other computer, is a sneak.  It showed the page as if I was signed in, but I hadn't, so the pictures didn't upload.  Now, I finally fixed it and will go to Shiloh Musings to post.

And besides that I "cheated" and cooked the chicken an meatloaf for last day of Passover early. I took them out of the freezer and just have to finish the soup, (stock was made last night) and make the side dishes. My married daughter is coming with family. We haven't had them for a Shabbat/chag/holiday since my father moved in with us. They usually visit for an hour or two and a meal. Roll out the beds and mattresses.

Soon I'm off to the kitchen and don't think I'll be here blogging etc.

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