Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oops! I Just Realized....

I just realized that I ought to take a walk, since I was barely out of the house all day.  Besides taking my father for his now short walk, I've been in.  Hanging out the wash on the merpeset (balcony) does not count as "going out."  I didn't even go to doven at Tel Shiloh this morning.  I wonder if anyone did.

One thing I did was to host the movie club.  I showed some World War Two documentary about the Nuremberg Trials.  Monday was Holocaust Memorial Day and it's sefira, when one doesn't go to cheery things like fun movies.

So, off, or is it out I go?


Risa Tzohar said...

We took out April 41 (Uri Barbash directed) from the DVD store for Yom HaShoa. It was very well done, especially the behind the scenes was interesting.
Hope all is OK by you.

Batya said...

Is that in Hebrew? I have to show English. It was a success. My father loves them and the one person from teh group who shows would be happy to watch the documentaries every week. There are enough to show them for quite a few months, but most want entertainment.

B"H, and you?