Friday, April 16, 2010

Computer Monitor Redux

I wrote too soon about my new computer screen.  Here's the continuation of the story by the neighbor who helped:

Thanks for the public "thank you" for helping get you the monitor. (BTW, the flat screen we acquired in the process is no great shakes -- LOUSY resolution. Have to figure out if/how I can adjust it).

There is more. Just yesterday Hillel saw another post for someone wanting a replacement monitor. This was someone we knew in his "batching" days, back in Chicago. Now married and made aliyah, living in Maale Adumim. So Hillel sent Akiva all the replies that came to his e-mail box rather than yours, and it turns out one of the respondents is Akiva's next door neighbor! So that will make shlepping the monitor home much easier!

Really and truly accurate: mitzvah goreret mitzvah!

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