Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Updating a Bissel

Starting with my foot, thank G-d, after almost three full weeks, the infection has cleared.  I stopped the cabbage treatment and now pour some alcohol and then a liberal dozing of "curcum," turmeric.  It was healing well until I decided that a clean sock was a good substitute for gauze.  It must have stuck, so now I'll be using gauze to cover until it's fully healed.

Sefira counting is a bit stressful.  The second alarm on my cell phone, I set up to be as a reminder isn't ringing. And at least one of the email reminders isn't coming in at all.  Having only one functioning computer doesn't help.

My very elderly father has been living with us for half a year already.  I never thought it would be so long before my mother would make aliyah.  We still don't have a date for that.  She hasn't sold the house yet.  He's getting older and weaker.  His younger sister in New York is dying of cancer.  I don't know how much he comprehends of it.  They spoke the other day.  My kids do their best to visit him.  Our married daughter was here for the last day of Passover and he really enjoyed seeing the kids, watching them play.  Yesterday he was disappointed to discover that they hadn't slept over again.

That's about it for now.

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