Friday, April 23, 2010

Yes, You Can Call It Multi-tasking

Yesterday I had the plumber over to fix our toilet  and I was overjoyed.  Not only that we wouldn't have to schlepp to the other end of the house to do "our business," but because the grocery store was open when he was over.  Nu, you're wondering... What can be the connection?

As regular readers know, I've been caring for my very elderly (89 year old) father since October.  I'm not supposed to leave him alone.  That sometimes makes things difficult.  I needed to shop, and my husband had a late meeting after work.  Our plumber is a native English speaker, so, yes, I asked him to be responsible for my father when I ran down to the grocers.

Yes, of course he agreed.  You can call that multitasking.  I only paid for the plumbing repair.

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