Monday, April 19, 2010

You Can Never Have Too Many Toilets

I was never allowed to read in the toilet.  I guess it's because my mother is from an extremely large family, nine kids, in a small two bedroom, one bathroom apartment.  I remember sitting and reading the strange incomprehensible components, ingredients in various cleaning supplies, scouring powders which were stored next to the toilet.  I learned from the earliest age to do my "business" quickly.  Also, one toilet for five people meant that we couldn't monopolize it.  Finally, as a young teen we moved to the house with the luxury of two toilets, one of which has a bath.  So in the morning when most of us had to adhere to a strict schedule to get to school and work on time, we had to use the right one.  If you needed a shower, you could go upstairs, if it was the "post-breakfast visit" downstairs, and if someone was even slightly "off schedule" it drove us all off.

A friend's married daughter delayed toilet-training her youngest, because as a young family with a half a dozen kids and one toilet in their rented home, she sometimes found herself running to use a neighbor's facilities.  They finally bought the house of their dreams with about four toilets, total luxury.

We planned our house with three toilets, a main one for the kids, one in the master bedroom and a third just inside the front door.  That third one was great when the kids were young and pressed for time.

Why am I writing about toilets?  This isn't a home design blog.  This is a "kitchen sink" blog which includes everything imaginable except politics which I blog on Shiloh Musings.  Well, after years of coddling our "master" toilet because of leaks, overactive flushing and probably outrageous water wastage, I finally threw in the towel and called the plumber.  We can't use the toilet anymore.  My father uses the main one, and we now use the one by the front-door, which is quite a hike from our bedroom.

The plumber made a house call to see the sick toilet, but he couldn't give me a date for repair/replacement depending on further investigation.  Luckily we have that third toilet.  And I called in a plumber, since I didn't want to get stuck with a flood like Lucy and her friend.

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