Friday, April 09, 2010

Jerusalem's Best Bar and Grill

Finally, after months of watching and waiting, I had a meal at The Lion's Den, HaGov. It's a kosher sports bar and grill in Jerusalem, 5 Yoel Solomon Street, phone 052-870-9993.

I think that the pictures speak for themselves. The food was really great. My friend and I were very impressed.


Anonymous said...

i wish your son a great deal of success.
he might want to either put more food on the plate, or use smaller plates.

Batya said...

Portions were fine. I even had them change the sidedish from the menu, because I don't eat carbs.

Jennifer in MamaLand said...

If I may, I think Anonymous was merely suggesting that a big plate with artistically arranged portions of food and lots of "white space" is something you'd expect in a French restaurant, not a Jewish one. :-)
I didn't realize this was your son's restaurant, btw; guess I should have read further back. I wish him much hatzlacha with it!

Batya said...

Thanks, Jennifer, the plates are large, and I think most people, even Jews, have some idea of normal portions. There's plenty on those plates, not like in the expensive fancy artsy restaurants.

Unknown said...

What is phone number please of the lions den?

Batya said...

052-870-9993 Lion's Den HaGov.