Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dog, Cat, Kids and A Shiloh History Story

Two pictures taken while getting ready for Passover.  Every year there's a "pre-Passover camp" to occupy kids while homes are being cleaned for Pesach.  My second daughter and her friends started it soon after we moved to Shiloh.  They all had younger siblings to occupy and joined forces also inviting other little kids who didn't have older sisters to watch them.

It's now a Shiloh institution.  There's a coordinator, lots of counselors and the parents even pay a fee.  Originally, it was free, especially because taking care of younger siblings was as important as cleaning.  It's not the norm to pay your own children to clean and babysit.  But one of the very grateful and satisfied mother of the young children cared for felt that the counselors deserved gifts.  She collected money and bought each a special siddur, prayerbook.

I don't know what today's counselors get for their work.  This year the kids cleaned up each day, after I took that picture.

And here's another pre-Passover picture, a dog resting in the shade of this bush/tree.  My son who's studying to be a dog psychologist noticed it.  

The dog sure looks comfortable.

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