Thursday, August 11, 2011

Doing The Granny Thing

Last week I mentioned to my daughter that she and the kids should come over on her day off, today, and go to the pool.  It ended up that she didn't have a day off today, so her husband came over with the kids.  He watched the baby and I took the three big ones to our pool.  Actually there are two pools, a deep one and a wading one.

I didn't think I could handle all the kids in the deep pool, since they're not swimmers.  We started in the wading pool which got them in the mood.  The plan was that the big ones would take turns watching the third while I took one at a time to the deep pool.  Ok it's not all that deep, but still as I said they're not swimmers.

Somehow we all ended up in the deep pool.  The almost four year old held onto me and the big ones used the long "bananas" to keep themselves up.  The eldest is really ready for real swimming, fearless and enjoys the water.  The second was in the least complaining of the cold.  And I jumped around with the third hanging onto me.  He wasn't terrified, but not confident. He didn't ask to leave the water.  It's a good sign.  Next year should be better.  I hope the kids will have swimming lessons next year.

Afterwards we went to my house.  My son-in-law showered them while I made lunch for all of them.  I hope we get to do this again before pool season ends.

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