Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Jerusalem Light Rail, Still an Attraction

I did write about my first trip on the new Jerusalem trolley, aka lightrail.  It's still a novelty and will remain one for a while.  There are even more pictures and videos in my camera which I have yet to download onto the computer.  I hope you won't be sick of seeing them before I finish.

The train goes through Jewish and Arab neighborhoods making it much easier for Arabs to get to Jewish stores and also easier for them to get to work.  Many Arabs work in Jewish businesses in Jerusalem.  When I was on the train yesterday I noticed Arab kids using the train to go just a couple of stops within their neighborhood of Beit Chanina.

But the pictures here were taken in downtown Jerusalem.  The trains are most crowded there.  I don't know if it empties out by the Bus Station or the Kiryat Moshe stop after the bridge.  And no, I haven't gone on the bridge yet.

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