Monday, August 22, 2011

Jerusalem News, The Trolley Comes to Town

Yesterday was day three for public (and free) rides on the new and modern Jerusalem lightrail train service.  Since I had a date at HaGov with my Bible study partners in Matan's Al HaPerek course, I took advantage of the trolley.  I got off the bus at the top of Ramat Eshkol, near French Hill and the road to Mount Scopus.  I crossed the street and waited for the train at the Ammunition Hill stop.  At that point I could still get a seat, unlike many passengers who had to stand.  The ride is very smooth.  On the way back, which I took with a friend all the way to the last/first stop in Pisgat Zeev, we stood part of the way.  It was  more comfortable than standing in a bus.

Most of the passengers were religious, actually chareidi, families with lots of children.  There are two reasons for that.  One is very simple.  The bus goes through chareidi neighborhoods.  The second is that a free train ride is great entertainment for the kids during school vacation.  There were many other families, non-religious, too, on the lightrail.  Others, like myself and friend, were happy because of the convenience.  The train took us to and from where we needed to be.

Following are pictures and movies I took yesterday:

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