Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake in NY?

I had just gotten back home to Shiloh from a family dinner at HaGov in Jerusalem and turned on the computer to check emails while drinking my water when I saw headlines about an earthquake on the USA's east coast.  When I saw the warnings about subway travel I quickly called my NY daughter:
"Where are you?"
"I'm in Texas."
"I read about the earthquake."
"Don't worry. I'm fine, far away from it."
"Is everyone ok?"
She has job that demands a lot of travel, so I wasn't surprised that she wasn't in her midtown NYC office when the quake hit.

Is it my imagination that there have been a lot of earthquakes the past few years?

No doubt the earthquke will make a good variation on the back to school composition:
"What did you do during summer vacation?"
Instead the students will have to write:
"Where were you during the earthquake?" 
 And a good teacher would add:
"And how did you feel?"

PS I just wonder if NYC has earthquake-proof requirements in its building codes.


Jennifer in MamaLand said...

we felt it here, but not as much as those further south...
people from places with REAL earthquakes definitely laugh at us here; i saw a tourist from (thailand, maybe?) being interviewed on the news when there was an earthquake in ottawa last summer. he was basically saying it barely registered, while all the silly canadians were running around evacuating...

Batya said...

The big question is how well the buildings can handle the earthquake. The WTC was planned too high to evacuate which caused the deaths of many.