Monday, August 08, 2011

Permitted 9th of Av Activities

Arutz 7 has a listing of activities in various locations, Israel and abroad.
"Tonight We Do Not Learn Torah": 9th of Av Programs,  Rav Kook said unconditional love among Jews can bring Redemption: Programs for Tisha B'Av in Israel and US reflect that concept.

This year I'm home in Israel, for the first time in a few years. I hope to go to Jerusalem tomorrow with neighbors for a special program. There's a real choice there. I'll go to whichever my neighbors decide, G-d willing.

In the afternoon there are a few subject-permitted Torah classes here in the neighborhood.

Tzom Kal, an easy fast, and may we celebrate our Redemption, the Moshiach's arrival, G-d willing!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Batya! Thought you might enjoy this moving video about the 9th of Av, too:

Batya said...

yes, thanks