Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Granddaughters

Yes, Baruch Hashem, thanks to G-d, they are growing up.  The little one is getting more mobile.

And the big ones are supplementing my too infrequent English lessons with DVD's from the states.

They watched this new one (from my sister) numerous times to work on their letters and basic reading.  When it comes to my grandchildren the term EFL doesn't mean English as a Foreign Language, it means English as a Familiar Language. 

They certainly aren't on the level of "English speakers," but they have absorbed the sounds, cadence and some words and phrases.  They also know colors and numbers.  Very importantly, they are developing listening skills to accurately guess what is being said instead of tuning out.

Children are capable of learning many languages if exposed to them in natural settings.  Sadly, this is rare in the modern world.  "Experts" in the last century advised parents that it was best to first learn one language well before exposing children to others.  The truth is that in multi-lingual societies children successfully learn multiple languages very easily.  This isn't because their genetically more gifted, it's because it's expected of them.  When their grandchildren are educated in the modern one-language world, they have just as much trouble learning other languages later as those not descended from multi-linguals.

Do your kids and grandkids a favor by giving them the opportunity to expand their minds in many languages.

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