Tuesday, August 02, 2011

KCC Soon and... My Tanach, Bible Studies So Far

There should be a Kosher Cooking Carnival pretty soon in MamaLand.  I had forgotten to remind her.  But no big deal.  For sure it'll be worth waiting for.  Just keep on checking in.  Her blog is so good, that you'll find plenty to read.

I had a totally wonderful day at Michlelet Herzog Bible "festival."  They offer about a week of studies, five classes a day.  You sign up in advance and have to choose the exact classes you want.  They have mostly Hebrew and a great choice of English, too.  I don't know the official numbers of participants but it must be in the thousands.

For an additional fee there are buses from all over the country, even a stop here in Shiloh.  So how could I not go?  Besides that, lunch is part of the package.  There are a number of drink stations in the building with hot and cold drinks.  They also have cookies and pastries most of the day.

I had been very nervous about my  ability to stay awake and alert for five 70 minute classes.  That's one of the reasons that I took all the classes in English.  Thank G-d, so far it has been fantastic.  And yes, I was awake and alert all day.   Four out of five classes were totally top notch.  One wasn't, but I still enjoyed bits and pieces of it.

I'll write more, G-d willing, tomorrow or Thursday. 

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