Friday, August 26, 2011

The Jerusalem Trolley, As Crowded as The NYC Subway at Rush Hour

The other night, after a family dinner at HaGov, it was a good thing that I gave myself enough time to walk to the bus station.  The light rail stations were full of crowds, yes, very crowded in that direction.  Considering that the train ride in Jerusalem is still free, it's fun and a nice way to spend time, sort of.  I don't like crowds.  The trains were so packed, it was dangerously obscene.  No doubt, it won't be as bad once they charge for the trip.

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Sarah A. said...

my brother said he went on the trolley/tram and got stuck waiting somewhere near the shuk for a while. coming from a place (melbourne) where the light rail/tram is great, I'd imagine it's not quite up to scratch yet!

Batya said...

Sarah, it's free now, because it's still in the "running in/practice" stage. The lights haven't been coordinated.