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4 Weeks to Countdown, 3 Day Rosh Hashannah Kosher Cooking Carnival

I'm sure that I'm not the only one starting to freak out or more rationally calculate what and how to prepare for the upcoming three day Rosh Hashannah.  For Israelis, it's the only threee three 3 day possibility when Shabbat comes immediately after the two day Rosh Hashannah holiday.  In chutz la'aretz, out of the Holy Land this can happen with many of the holidays.  We in Israel get twenty-three hour break from Thursday night time until Shabbat candlelighting to prepare for Shabbat when it happens Succot, Simchat Torah or Passover.  In recent years I've tried to complete most of that for Shabbat cooking in advance, at least the meat/poultry.  Since I don't like to reheat vegetables, I save those for the "last minute."

This edition of KCC includes seasonal recipes, mostly summer from the Northern Hemisphere.  I'd appreciate that next month's, which will G-d willing be posted at the end of Elul, September 25 at Cooking Outside the Box, will include lots of your hints, tricks and TNT techniques so the Holidays will be spiritually refreshing, rather than stressfully culinary.  Please send your posts/links via blog carnival.  And if you'd like to host an edition of KCC, please contact me.

Please share, blog about, send out the link etc of this Kosher Cooking Carnival and of course visit the various posts/sites included.

Sorry, but I'm utilizing the very convenient "insta-carnival" short-cut for this edition. To save more time, I'm leaving my posts in the "third person."  I've tried to delete all of the spam and spice it up with some of your pictures.

anything kosher!

Leora Wenger presents Pickled Tomatoes | Here in Highland Park posted at Here in HP, saying, "I am trying to encourage everyone to try making fermented foods because they are so healthy. This is the easiest recipe of all. And delicious, too."

Mirjam Weiss presents Bloggers? Day Out ? Gush Etzion ? July 2011 posted at Miriyummy.

Mirjam Weiss presents Bloggers? Day Out ? Gush Etzion Winery ? July 2011 posted at Miriyummy.

Rivki presents Why gating the kitchen is great idea, or, the day I took my stove apart posted at Life in the Married Lane..., saying, "The story of what happened when I tried to kasher my stove with a curious toddler at home."

Batya presents Went Out To "Pick Some Candy" posted at me-ander.

My husband sent me this link he found,  Kosher recipe sharing goes virtual.

economical use of left-overs

Devo K presents Taking stock posted at In the middle, on the right.

Every day meals

Batya presents And Now a Healthy Chocoate Spread posted at me-ander.

David Dicker presents Israeli Salad | V. posted at V., saying, "This Israeli salad has a bit of a kick to it for those that like a little spice in their food."

Mrs. S. presents Waffling around posted at Our Shiputzim: A Work In Progress, saying, "Thanks for doing this!" My pleasure; maybe you'd like to host one. 

Batya presents Musakka, However You Spell it and Make it, It's a Hit! posted at me-ander.

Mirjam Weiss presents Fish on the Beach posted at Miriyummy.

Emily Segal presents Black Bean Quinoa Enchiladas posted at Triumph Wellness, saying, "These parve enchiladas are dairy and egg-free too! But packed with flavor and fiber. A great vegetarian dish the whole family will love!"

Ilana-Davita presents Panzanella (Italian Summer Salad) posted at Ilana-Davita.

Sarah's View presents [sweet or savory?] farmer's market fare posted at sarah's view, saying, "fresh veggies from the farmers market. easy recipe that can be made for meat, dairy or parve meals."

Batya presents "Bake and Serve" Turkey Wings With Eggplant posted at me-ander.

Batya presents Yet Another Musakka posted at me-ander.

Jewish Shabbat and Holiday food

David Dicker presents Cauliflower Kugel | V. posted at V., saying, "This is a perfect dish for vegetarians trying to keep Kosher and it even keeps with Passover rules as well. I make it every year and it has always been a hit!"

Hadassah Sabo Milner presents Quick and Kosher - My Debut posted at In the Pink.
See Hadassa in the video:

Thanks again for participating!

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of kosher cooking carnival-kcc
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Leora said...

I feel honored to be at the top! Will have to look at the enchiladas.
Thank you, Batya.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Batya for putting KCC together and including my post complete with a photo.

Rivki Silver said...

Thank you so much for including my story! I'm looking forward to reading the other posts. :)

Mrs. S. said...

Chodesh tov, and thank you!

Phyllis Sommer said...


Batya said...

Thanks so much to all of you for your participation and support.

Emily Segal said...
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Emily Segal said...

(that was me who deleted my own post - it had me logged into my old blogger account)

Anyway...Thanks for including me. I hope everyone likes the enchiladas!

Batya said...

Thank, Emily, I'm glad you sent in the recipe.

We have a great KCC community!

Miriyummy said...

It's been a slow summer for us in the Miriyummy household, but wow, three posts in one KCC? I guess it wasn't so slow after all. Thanks for including my posts. And we're also on the countdown to what we call the Triple Threat...

Batya said...

KCC doesn't limit the links as long as they fit criteria. thanks for the great posts.

Sarah Likes Green said...

thanks for including my post :)

good job as always!

Batya said...

I'm so glad you're blogging again.