Thursday, September 01, 2011


Last night as I trudged home, all the way up the hill after being dropped off from work, I noticed that the street was wet.  Could there have had been a leak from something?    As I continued walking I notice that the whole road was wet, and it seemed that water was dripping from the trees.

I had just come from Shaar Binyamin, about twenty minutes south of Shiloh.  It had been summer there, yes, very hot and even muggy in the "outer part" of the store where I work most of the time.

Then I saw some neighbors walking:

"Did it really rain here?"
"Yes.  Why are you asking?"
"There was no sign of rain in Shaar Binyamin.  It's a different climate, more like the Bikaah, Jordan Valley."
"I had been shopping in Ariel, and was in shock when I walked out of the store and discovered that it was pouring."
May this rain be a good sign and a blessing for all of us, whether we deserve it or not!


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Let's keep praying and doing those mitzvot!