Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jewish Blog World, As The Year Ends

First of all, neither facebook, nor twitter, nor sms-ing have killed the blogs.  Some people now (are you one of them?) read and write posts on tiny, hand-held devices that are also telephones and cameras, unlike yours truly who's sitting here at the moment on a large comfy office chair, typing on a keyboard, which is wired to a big black box which also controls a fat screen and a scanner/printer.

And we jbloggers (Jewish bloggers) are still a hearty and varied community.  We get together weekly in the floating blog carnival Havel Havelim, monthly (according to the Jewish Calendar) at the Kosher Cooking Carnival and a few times a year at JPIX.

Please visit and share them (embedded are the links to the latest editions of all three,) and of course check out the various links.  And why not take the plunge and host one or two or more?  It's really not that hard.  I've done them all. 
  • For HH contact Jack
  • For KCC contact me
  • For JPIX contact Leora
All jbloggers are welcome to be included in the jblog carnivals by submitting your own links:
Wishing you all a wonderful, healthy, safe and full of smachot, joyous events year!

Shannah Tovah
Gmar Chatimah Tovah


Pragmatician said...

Thank to all j-bloggers for keeping us informed, entertained and busy .

Leora said...

I was happy to join the land of the mobile this summer. I use it for reading posts (please enable mobile in Blogger if you haven't yet done so). Can't imagine writing a post on my little droid. If really inspired, I will leave a comment via mobile.

Yes, I encourage all photo bloggers (and art bloggers, too) to submit to JPiX. Thanks, Batya.

Batya said...

Prag, thanks
Leora, I just checked, and changed the templates. Can you see a difference?
Thanks for all the help and support

Leora said...

Yes, your blog is now set up for mobile. Looks great!

Batya said...

thanks, I'm glad you like the template I picked.