Sunday, September 18, 2011

What was all the panic about?

This morning I kept getting all these warnings from Microsoft SmartScreen® Filter that there was some evil in and it wouldn't approve my signing into blogger or gmail or google. First I had been on the pc in the den, so I tried the too heavy to schlepp around laptop on the diningroom table, and I got the same message.

I wasted time and did some other "morning things," and then I finally tried again, and as you can see, business as usual.  Was it just my house?

I'm curious.  Could there be a cyber-war between google and microsft?  I don't want to be shot in the crossfire.


{ T G L } said...

Oh, but it IS exciting! My husband and I started a tiny balcony garden and coo over every plant that sprouts and grows (and I blog about it too!) so I understand your need to share. Good luck growing your vegetables, it is such a worthwhile experience!

This Good Life

Batya said...

TGL, thanks, I guess this comment is about that squash we have growing. It's amazing what can grow even in a tiny place.