Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Friendly Voices From the Family "Vineyard"

Last Friday I suddenly realized that I'd been hearing voices from our tiny vineyard.  Last year I invited a neighbor to make wine from the grape harvest, which had been larger than I could eat, B"H.  He made a delicious, fresh, tangy white wine which I love.  This year we didn't have as many grapes, and he told my husband that he was going to make a red wine.

So I didn't mind that a different neighbor and his kids were harvesting the grapes.

It was pretty obvious that within a few days the birds and ants would win the war, and there wouldn't be anything left to eat.  You can also see that the leaves are just starting to wilt. 

On Shabbat, the neighbors brought us some of the grape juice made from our grapes, and we gave them a bottle of last year's wine.  Thank G-d for everything!!!

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