Sunday, September 04, 2011

Budget Flying, Some Humor

Taking a plane trip used to be a real treat.  No matter how short the trip, there would be some sort of meal.  The meal and the right to take a "no charge" suitcase or two were things we used to take for granted.  Now even if you're traveling from Arizona to New York, you have to pack food, especially if you have dietary restrictions, like kashrut or low carbohydrates--I have both.  The airlines give out pretzels, peanuts and water, unless you're flying in one of the luxury classes.

And at least my last visit was in the summer, when clothes are thin and lightweight, so I could fit a few changes into a small bag. Otherwise I'd have to pay extra to bring a proper suitcase.

OK, it's not quite as bad as the Carol Burnett skit Yoni posted on facebook:

If I visit my parents in the winter, maybe I'll go there without a suitcase and do some shopping in AZ, or I'll fly there "directly" from Israel and go to NY afterwards, so I'll only have to pay for the suitcase in one direction.  And at least we sit separately from those who get better service.

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