Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm Not A Nudge, I Hope

Just a quick reminder that the Tishrei (late September) Kosher Cooking Carnival is coming real soon at Cooking Outside the Box.  And I've lined up a new kosher food blogger for Cheshvan, the end of October, This American Bite.  Please send in your links, hot off the griddle, as soon as posted via blog carnival.

And if you'd like to host one, please let me know, thanks.

PS Has anyone been having trouble with facebook?  The other day I had trouble with the google/gmail/blogger empire.


Hadassa said...

We use Linux and Mozilla Firefox. I think that Firefox works with Microsoft also. After you verify that it's compatible with everything else that you use, try it. You'll like it. (Linux has to be tweaked sometimes so it's best to have a computer geek in the house, or at least next door.)

Batya said...

We also use mozilla for netvision emails, but the trouble was with logging into all aspects of google for a few hours. That included gmail and blogger.
No computer geeks here in our house.