Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Does Anyone Know The Details?

Maybe I'm just too old-fashioned  I expect a certain level of competence, professionalism.  This morning when I was skimming the homepage of Arutz 7 I saw an article about a new separate sex beach at the Dead Sea.  It looked interesting, a nice place to vacation, so I read the article.  I was in shock.  There was absolutely no clue to anyone how to get to this beach, not even the beach's name.  The Dead Sea is a big place.  There's no main entrance booth or phone number to call if you have a question.  If the article had been submitted as a composition to me as an English Teacher, the grade would be very low.

I sent off this comment, but I'm sure I'll never get a reply:
Does this beach have a name? Can it be reached by bus? How much does it cost to enter? Is there a kiosk, restaurant etc? What facilities are available at what price?
I guess there's no general editor.

Well, does anyone know anything about the beach?  I'm just curious.


Hadassa said...

There is a website with general information - beaches, spas, hotels, restaurants, activities, etc. - but according to it, the separate beach is closed for renovations... A few articles (not associated with the link below) mentioned that there is no entrance fee.

Batya said...

Thanks, Hadassa, but I still can't understand how an article can be published without basic facts. I know that the "news writers" on Arutz 7 frequently "paraphrase" from other sources or press releases, but this is so unprofessional.

rickismom said...

One of the two separate beaches there has been closed for refurbishing, and now it has reopened

Batya said...

rm, but shouldn't the article have the basic details, name, number and location?