Monday, September 19, 2011

After a Week, Growing!

Last week, I blogged about the squash (does anyone know what kind exactly?) my husband and I replanted from a too small planter to the good earth.  Just over a week later, Baruch Hashem, it's growing nicely as you can see.

For some people, this wouldn't be very news worthy, but for us it's major.  There are very few successes in our garden, certainly nothing like this.  OK, flowers don't mean that we'll really have something to harvest, but we can hope, pray and continue to water the vegetable plant.

What vegetable exactly?  Good question.


Leora said...

Oh, I know that excitement! In our area, it would need a fence or an animal would eat it.

As it's fall, maybe your little plant has a chance. Good luck, farmer Batya.

If it's just a gourd, you can still hang it in your sukkah, proudly.

Batya said...

Bli eyin haraa, so far, so good. I'm pretty sure I threw Israeli pumpkin or mini pumpkin seeds where it sprouted. Time will tell...