Friday, September 09, 2011

Jerusalem's Old Train Tracks

It has been decades since this was used by a train.  There used to be a slow, winding train from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv and Haifa.  I only took it once or twice, since by the time I first made it to Israel it was already 1969, and there was a new road for cars and buses which didn't have to skirt the winding "green line" which separated Israel from the land Jordan had invaded during Israel's War for Independence.

The tracks make a nice place to walk and take short cuts in the middle of Jerusalem, near the Emek Refaim-Baka-Katamon neighborhoods.  Part of it has been fixed up, so you can even bike on it.

The section going up to Matan is still undeveloped, full of weeds and rocks.  I didn't walk it last year, but I had a few years ago.  I should do it again.


Leora said...

It looks lovely in the photo. Too bad with the train building going on this can't be re-used. But I suppose the neighbors like the quiet.

Batya said...

Leora, it's a different sort of train and of a different age. Wait for your next visit to see.