Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jerusalem, Hidden Paths Plus

The other day I decided to visit the Israel Museum after taking some classes at Pardess.  I couldn't find a ride to the Museum, but one of my friends offered to drive me part way and then gave me instructions how to walk via all sorts of paths, lanes and even a couple of streets.

Not too long ago, I would have written down all of her instructions, but I decided to stretch my memory (working in Yafiz, a large clothing store has been exercising memory skills) and try to memorize the basic direction.  I repeated what she said a couple of times and began walking.  Jerusalem still has all of these paths connecting streets from the days when almost nobody had a car.  I had been dropped off on Palmach Street, an area I don't know at all, but I found the route easy to follow and walk. 

There's an adorable neighborhood garden on the way:

Later on, after crossing Herzog, I found myself in Emek HaMatzlevah,  Valley of the Cross for the very first time.  There I called my daughter for further instructions.  It's a good thing, since the sign saying "Museums this way" wasn't the way she recommended. 

I followed the road to the bus station and then turned left after the monastary.  I was amazed at how quickly I arrived.  The newly expanded and improved Israel Museum is great.

I saw some of the new exhibitions, such as Ancient Glass.  Considering how fragile glass is, it's ironic that the pieces, some appear complete and undamaged, are thousands of years old. 

I also watched the Clock Movie.  My daughter took me in to see it after I entered the museum and then I returned to see more.  It's addictive.  It's a twenty-four hour movie that's made up of short snips of lots of movies.  Each little scene concerns time and shows clocks and watches, and the scenes connect.  For instance if someone is rushing out a door, the next scene will have someone rushing in.  It's totally amazing.  Part of the fun is recognizing movies and scenes.  Just to warn you, although the vast majority of what I saw is totally child-appropriate, there was one pornographic scene that lasted almost a minute.

After my museum visit I walked to the Central Bus Station.  On my way I was surprised to see that the new government office complex is the site for prewedding photos.

Yes, a great day and lots of exercise.


Mrs. S. said...

We haven't made it to the Israel Museum since it reopened (although we did visit while it was under construction). Maybe we'll go over Succot...

Batya said...

It's highly recommended, rain or shine, with the new underground passage. There's so much to see!