Thursday, September 08, 2011

One More Day...

The season is almost over.  Three months speed by.  Even though the weather has been cooling, and it even rained recently, it's hard to believe that the pool will close, empty out after tomorrow.

"The pool" is actually two pools, a children's wading pool and a swimming pool.  OK, it's far from olympic size and depth, but hundreds, probably thousands already, of children and adults from Shiloh and its suburbs have learned to swim here and enjoy what it has to offer.

There's a kiyosk that sells nosherei and other things.  There's also a building/caravan with toilets, showers and dressing rooms.  Swimming hours are separated by sex.  And there are also adult hours when either men or women, dpending on the day, can swim or exercise undisturbed by young children.

Since it's closing after tomorrow, I guess that means that it'll reopen in about nine months.  Let's start the new countdown looking forward rather than feeling sorry for what we won't have.

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