Sunday, September 25, 2011

Private Lives, Can You Keep A Secret?

It used to be that if you saw someone walking around talking animatedly to her/himself, you'd think the person daft.  Now, if you look carefully, most have something sticking out of the ear or hanging on it connected to wires, like an escaped  marionette.  Yes, they're revealing all of their side of the conversation.  We can use our imaginations to guess or create what is being said on the other side.

It used to be that when talking on the phone, you'd pull the cord as long as it would go and lock yourself in the toilet or a closet so nobody could hear what you were saying.  Now, even at a wedding or other group event, more than half the people sitting at the table are talking or texting into their private cellphones ignoring everyone around.

Sorry, but I'm not blaming facebook for our lack of privacy.

Nobody is forcing you to sign up with facebook.  Even if you feel that you're forced to sign up with facebook you can use it for just minimal stuff.  You don't have to post pictures.  You can delete tags whenever someone tags you.  You can refuse to friend people and just allow messages to go to your email account.  You can cancel groups and pages people sign you up on.  It doesn't matter how many times facebook tells me I must give them my cell phone number for "security," I don't see how givng them something so private makes things more secure.  I also refuse to recruit friends by giving facebook my email information.

I'm not hiding who I am nor where I am.  I'm a very active blogger and joined facebook to promote my blogs.  For me, facebook is a cross between blogging and email.  It's not my homepage either.

Like most people in the modern world, I'm easy to trace.  Most land phones are listed in the phonebook, and most phonebooks are available on the internet.  That's life today.


Leora said...

My rule is, if it's a secret, it shouldn't be on Facebook. Never rely on flimsy privacy controls. I use the controls to gear toward a certain audience (like not all my friends on FB are Jewish, so I only need to wish Jews a shana tova).

I thought if you talk to yourself it means you have money in the bank. Or something like that.

Shana tova.

Batya said...

Leora, I agree. Secrets are for f2f, not the internet. We've gotten used to it while blogging, especially because we aren't hiding our identities.