Thursday, September 08, 2011

And what book are you reading?

I can sometimes go for ages in between books or read a few all at once very quickly.  The computer has stolen my pleasant reading time.  I must fight this terrible yetzer hara, evil inclination and read more books.

Since I get books to review, I have some good ones, and periodically I borrow "disposable" books from a neighbor.  He has a giant collection and I prefer those I can lose or pass on and not worry about returning.

I don't think I'll be reviewing the book that I didn't like.  I wrote to the publicist and explained why I can't recommend it. 

There's another one from the publicist I'm reading right now, always sneaking minutes to read it, even though I was afraid to start it.  It's a "cancer book," by a woman who died.  She reminds me in many ways of Coffee and Chemo RivkA, who also passed away from cancer.  They both exude a special strength.  I wonder if they had been in touch.  It's Soul to Soul by Deborah Masel.

And I also started reading a nice "suspense" book.  It was perfect when I had to wait someplace for a few hours.  It's Final Target by Iris Johansen.

And I also read the Tanach, Bible, since I'm studying in Matan's Al HaPerek course and we get questions on two more chapters every week.

That's it.  I have tons more to do here since I'm home.

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