Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Touring As A Jew

There's more to Jewish touring than looking for kosher food.  Actually, you don't have to be a strictly Torah observant Jew to do the Jewish thing when touring, traveling etc.  I saw this picture in Tablet and just had to post it:

The artist, Sarah Lazarovic, calls it "Semiteseeing," a play on siteseeing.  My family neither looked for Jewish sites, nor kosher food.  Our few trips were as Americans.  Once I became religious, a search for kosher food became a priority.

I haven't been very adventurous with my traveling.  I guess I've missed out in a way.


Leora said...

Love this cartoonist. Great stuff.

I look forward to a trip to Italy with my husband - we will certain do some semite-seeing on the way. No children with us. No definite date on the trip - sometime after my daughter turns 12 and the stock market has risen way, way back up again.

Batya said...

Italy has lots of Jewish things. When will she be 12?