Saturday, August 13, 2011

TU (15th) b'Av, The Jewish Matchmaking Holiday

In recent years, the Biblical Holiday of TU b'Av has gotten very popular.  It was originally celebrated here in the Valley of Shiloh as grapes were ripe for eating and the best was collected and brought to the Priests in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.  The single women would dress in white and dance in the valley among the vines for the young men to choose wives from among them, without knowing who was rich and from which tribe.

Now matchmaking and romance are becoming popular on TU b'Av.  The Makor Rishon newspaper's magazine "Motzash" made a list of the 100 best of the eligible singles, fifty guys and fifty gals.  And... one the the guys is a son of mine!

Now, isn't that something.  Of course, you can guess what I would really prefer... G-d willing...

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