Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Read The Labels on Food

I documented how I lost over 15 kilo, 30+ pounds a couple of years ago, and I have kept it off.  I've been eating less and less processed foods.  I don't buy dried fruit, cereals, yogurts etc.  I only buy tomato paste that is no more than cooked up tomatoes.  I do all the flavoring when I cook with it.

One of the big shockers for me was discovering that my "plain yogurt" was chock full of salts and other additives.

I had substituted plain, unroasted, unsalted nuts for the yogurt as a snack, but when stopping with that I got another kilo, couple of pounds off.

I eat large quantities and pretty frequently, but I don't eat much in carbohydrates and grains.  Recently I tried a different protein, black beans.  I cooked up a couple of handfuls (for a week's supply) and add some to vegetables for one meal a day.  Breakfast is a two-egg vegetable omelet and the other meal is a full carb-less meal with animal protein, poultry, beef or fish.

If you buy a lot of processed foods, for yourself or the family, this little "what has less/more sugar?" guide may help you.  Honestly, I didn't know all the answers.


Sarah A. said...

good advice :)

Batya said...

We have to eat, may as well do it wisely. Enjoy!