Monday, August 29, 2011

Converts to Judaism?

There's a "film" a friend posted on facebook listing many of famous converts to Judaism.  I truly wonder how many lived the rest of their lives as actual Jews, following the mitzvot, commandments etc or was it just a convenience for marriage.

I know many sincere Torah observant converts and also some who began their lives as Torah-observant Jews but later on had "second thoughts." These lists make me wonder.


Hadassa said...

Perhaps the scientists? I blame the "rabbis" who dupe these innocent souls.

Batya said...

and I didn't even get into the halachik aspect of some of the conversions...
Until a few generations ago, the only converts were "halachik," though less observance was demanded.

Anonymous said...

This is just sad...come'on Marylinn Monroe? Are we ( converts) supposed to be proud of the 'famous' ones or actually embarrassed? I second Hadassa maybe the scientist?