Thursday, August 04, 2011

JPIX, Feast Your Eyes

I think I've used this technique before as a JPIX host.  I'm just going to post pictures from the various posts/links submitted to the blog carnival.  This is an internet blog carnival about pictures.  It shouldn't matter who the photographer is or on which blog they're posted.  My aim is to have you "click the pic" and visit the blog post, which doesn't work, so there's a list on the bottom of this. 
Leaving a comment when you visit would be nice, too.

Before we get started to just to remind you that Leora has taken charge of JPIX interms of scheduling hosts.  So, if you'd like to host one, please contact her.  And if you'd like to submit a link, click here.  Thanks.

So, now on with the show!

I hope that I didn't miss anyone's post.
Happy viewing and "shooting."

Here's the list:
Cosmic X in Jerusalem: Givat Shaul II
כל העולם כולו גשר צר מאד
Cosmic X in Jerusalem: Givat Shaul VI: The View From Rabbi Pinchas Kehati Street
5711 Kvarim Trip -- Dnepropetrovsk - chossid -
A Sacred Earth Odyssey - chossid -
Busy Day in NY - chossid -
Birthday Parade in Edison
RPRY in Salute to Israel Parade 2011 | Here in Highland Park
Bradley Beach Shul | Here in Highland Park
Photo Essay: Colors of Israel
Jerusalem Day, 2011
Yom HaAtzma’ut 5771
and a few of mine from Shiloh Musings and me-ander


Leora said...

Thanks for putting up all this beauty, Batya!

Batya said...

There's lots of talent out there!

Cosmic X said...

Great job Batya. Thanks.

Mrs. S. said...

Wonderful job! Thanks for the link.

Batya said...

The thanks go to all of you!

Leah said...

Very nice -- thanks Batya!

Batya said...

All I did was collect them, present a sample.