Monday, June 08, 2015

Trying to Use My Low-Level Phone and Camera to the Mostest

Yesterday, without checking out prices, I bought myself a new memory card for my phone. For ages, and considering that I've only had the Samsung Galaxy II for about a year and a half, I can't edit pictures, because the memory doesn't suffice. Twice I took it to the store where I bought it and got settings wiped out so I could take photos again. But I don't take videos nor use their editing options.

Like many newbies to smartphones I got a simple one. I didn't know about memory and all that.

I had heard that it's possible to add memory, so totally spontaneously popped into one of those phone places on Jaffa Street, Jerusalem, which had all sorts of Galaxy accessories, like extra batteries on display and asked about extra memory for my phone.

OK, actually it was not so simple. I walked in with my hands over my ears because of the loud music, but the guy immediately turned off the volume. If he hadn't I would have considered it a sign from G-d to leave.

Well, he opened my phone and looked at the memory. It was a stingy 2 whatever. The salesman recommended a 16  whatever.  Since a friend had told me that he had ordered a 32 whatever I asked about that. I was told that considering the primitive operating system in my phone, the 32 whatever isn't recommended. Well, 16 is 8 times more than 2, so it sounded good enough. The salesman said that it won't improve "applications," those magivcal programs that make a smartphone such a good "friend," but I'll have lots more room for pictures and music. Well, I don't use it for music, just photos.

I took a couple of pre-edited (played with color) photos this morning, and the camera mechanism didn't freeze like it had previously.

And re: my camera, Canon IXUS 145 which I'm pretty disappointed with, It doesn't have the "delete all" in the menu. So, I finally used my computer to delete the photos. You can look at the photos on the computer, so from that I deleted them. That is how I delete on my "listening device."

Next time, I'll be a wiser consumer and buy more sophisticated devices. I'll know what questions to ask.

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