Thursday, June 18, 2015

Revisiting MODERN, the Meat Restaurant in the Israel Museum

Not all that long ago I ended up going twice to the perfect Meat restaurant in the Israel Museum MODERN. I had been there once before in the winter.

It was the location of my birthday parties this year. I first went with some friends and then with one of my children. The food is delicious and creative, even when they prepare something as "ordinary" as an Israeli "Jerusalem Mixed Grill."

One thing I love about it is the pleasant music, which stays in the background and doesn't overpower the conversations around the tables. I really appreciate it. Also the tables are comfortably spread apart so you don't feel like you're in a crowded lunchroom. It is one of the most pleasant places I've ever eaten in, and prices aren't out of sight.

Yes, I definitely recommend going there for a meal, even if you don't have time to enter the Israel Museum. Their menu changes with the seasons. You don't have to pay museum admission to enter. you just have to go through security. Museum parking is free, and there are frequent buses from various parts of the city.

Ruppin Rd. 11
Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Phone: 02-6480862, fax: 02-6480863
Hours of Operation:
LUNCH - Sunday to Thursday 12:00 - 17.00
DINNER- 12.00 - -23.00 for dinner

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