Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wonderful Debut Havel Havelim on Enjoying the Bible Online and Some Blogging Thoughts

Thank you, Marcia, for hosting such an inspiring Father's Day Havel Havalim. I'll never forget how daunting my first few were for me.

Be sure to visit, comment and share this week's Havel Havelim. There are lots of blog posts on Marcia's Havel Havelim which are totally new to me, so I can't wait to check them out, and I recommend that all my readers do, too.

Havel Havelim is the long running international Jewish and Israeli blog carnival which includes posts on a very wide variety of topics. We keep organized on our facebook page, where you can get information about who's hosting and even volunteer yourself.

Blogging isn't dead!

There are many of us who blog. A blog is an active and dynamic internet site, like a magazine. Each blogger, some blogs are staffed  by more than one, runs it differently depending on the reason for blogging. I keep up two blogs, on which I write almost daily. That's because I love writing and never quite figured out how to get people to pay me for my articles. On my blogs I'm the boss and editor in chief.  Shiloh Musings is a more political and serious blog, while this one contains a greater variety of posts from personal to kosher food to just about anything I feel like. There are a few other writers who have blogging rights on my blogs. I wish they'd post more often. Besides that I do have blogging rights on the Jerusalem Post and Arutz 7. The Jewish Press has permission to post whatever they like from my blogs.

So, again, please check out this week's Havel Havelim.

You don't have to be a blogger to read, comment and share Havel Havelim!

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