Thursday, June 25, 2015

Great Deal for a Satisfying Meat Meal

There are all sorts of options if you need to eat out in Jerusalem and don't want to spend a lot. A couple of weeks ago, my friend and I were looking for a good dinner which wouldn't cost much, but would satisfy. We were in the center of town and peeked into a few places. Finally we settled on Hakatzavim, הקצבים "The Butchers." It's on Agripas Street between the Machane Yehuda open market and King George Street. My friend had read a review and thought we'd get a good meal, so we went in.

You can buy either a simple pita or laffa meat sandwich or have a full sit down meal at a proper table. Of course there is a difference in the price. Sitting at a table downstairs cost more, but you get lots of salads and a plate.

Each of their pita sandwiches has two skewer portions of meat grilled to order and as much of their fresh and tasty salads as can fit in, according to your choice. I ordered liver, and it was delicious. The price was under ns30, which is much less than I would have paid for an ordinary tuna salad in any of the dairy restaurants. You can get a tuna sandwich for about ns10 less, but it's not as filling.

And we didn't have to wander around eating our dinner, which was priced as "take out." We had planned on walking a lot afterwards at the Light Festival in Jerusalem's Old City, so we needed to sit down. At Hakatzavim, הקצבים "The Butchers" there are a couple a tables near the door just for diners/customers like ourselves.

The food was fresh, scrumptious and the price was right.

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