Thursday, August 16, 2018

Managing Sans Kitchen, Thank Gd For Friends

We're close to two weeks without a kitchen. Before then, we've been almost two years with a very problematic kitchen including a year without an oven. It took a long time to plan and find a crew to renovate my kitchen, and as of now the work isn't over.

I've been able to have my morning coffee without any real problem, but I can't cook, and during the first week, the dust was so awful I couldn't even cut a vegetable.

I don't need a kitchen for my coffee as you can see, but meals are something else.
As you can see, we moved the fridge into the livingroom and plugged it into the airconditioner socket. We have a fan blowing, which has been fine most of the time.

Thank Gd our wonderful neighbors have invited us for some meals, and I've also heated and cooked food at neighbors. Besides that I've eaten more sandwiches than I've had for decades. And we had a couple of meals at a local restaurant. Normally I'd consider eating out a waste of money, but it's nothing compared to the price of the kitchen.

At this point we're in the "home stretch," Gd willing. It shouldn't be too long, if all goes as planned. So, stay tuned.

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