Thursday, August 02, 2018

Pre-New Kitchen Chaos #1

No doubt that over the next two weeks I'll be posting lots of pre-kitchen chaos posts. This entire undertaking is terrifying, and I can barely keep track of the things I must do, buy etc.

I hired someone who is responsible for dealing with all the professionals, from the carpenter to the painter to the plumber, electrician, plasterer, general workers etc. He even does a lot of the dirty-work and professional stuff himself. Besides that, he tweaked the plan I had come up with with my son-in-law, sketched it professionally enough to bring it to the carpenter, etc, etcetera.

I'm keeping a wall of old cabinets, so the colors we've chosen all have to tie in together.

When he said that next Sunday he's planning on coming with the sledge hammer to break up/down the old kitchen, I could barely breathe. Yesterday I picked up a few boxes from the grocer and filled some. I emptied a few closets and threw out lots of stuff. This is only the beginning.

Somehow by Sunday I must get the place ready and set up a temporary kitchen around the house. We are grateful for invitations and excuses not to be home. We'll move the fridge to the AC outlet. There's a full-size sink in the laundry room. We are anyhow using an old electric cooking thing and no oven. It will be chaos, and then...

Updates to come, Gd willing.

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