Monday, August 06, 2018

Grapes, Glorious Grapes

Some things are worth waiting for...

Our little vineyard, which we barely cultivate, has been amazingly good to us. Just a little patience and we get the greatest grapes. I really love the dark grapes which grow by the sidewalk.

The other day my husband climbed up on the wall to get me some clusters of them. They are sweeter than candy. The only candy that competes, as far as I'm concerned, is chocolate-covered mint. But I'm a "mint freak."  Maybe that's why I like to brush my teeth a few times a day.

This year at the suggestion of a neighbor who makes wine out of our grapes some years, I watered the vines when it was dry in the winter. The grapes are a bit better. Just don't forget that the Shiloh area is one of those most suited in the entire world for growing grapes. Gd made Shiloh for grape growing. But since the area is filled with construction dust from the roadworks being done, I can no longer nosh on them when walking by. But after a good rinse...

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