Friday, August 03, 2018

Shelves Cleared, Books Out, Almost Gone

When we had our house built and kitchen planned thirty-five years ago, cookbooks, diet books, childcare books etcetera were very important to me and read a lot. In recent years I haven't opened a single one of them. So, even though in the new kitchen, that wall of closets where the shelves are will remain, the books are going. The shelves will be used for my coffee accessories, the French Presses, mugs, whatever fits.

A few months ago when I first advertized that I had cookbooks and others for the taking, some neighbors took some. But now I'm still stuck, so I took them all down, put them in a box and advertised that they're near my door.

 Now, barely twelve hours later, the box is emptier.

Gd willing more books will find customers/readers. Whatever doesn't will be taken to be placed next to the paper recycling box in the neighborhood. 

Nowadays, when I need a recipe, which is rare, I just look on the internet. Even my recipes can be found on the internet, on this blog!

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