Wednesday, August 22, 2018

New Phone, Xiaomi Mi A2, Hope It Lasts

Well, I had no choice. I really can't manage without a smartphone. I bought a new one, a Chinese one, since I was awfully disappointed with my Samsung J7 which didn't even survive two years. I got a Xiaomi Mi A2, and I'm trying to adjust it to my needs.

OK, first where and how did I choose it?

As I had blogged yesterday, my J7 had dropped dead. No, I hadn't dropped it. It never awoke after restart; it was just lying peacefully on my computer desk Sunday evening.

The young man who helped me in Ariel recommended that I don't buy immediately. I should research and then come back. Besides asking around, I emailed the chain and got some suggestions.

Instead of returning to the Ariel phone store, I went to the same AM Phone chain in Sha'ar Binyamin. I knew that buying a phone and getting the service I'd need to transfer data would take ages. Also, even though it would be possible to find the same phone for less money in Jerusalem, I preferred the convenience and trust I have in this one.

It could be that the J7 didn't suit my needs, so I decided not to skimp this time. Davka, surprisingly, my new Xiaomi Mi A2 cost less than the J7 did less than two years ago. One of the factors besides the 64 memory that sold me on the phone was that the camera is supposed to be good. That's one of the things I haven't gotten to know well, though I'm pleased so far. Priorities are the rings and notifications, so it won't wake me up for a Whatsapp message. I also had to download an app for a choice of ringtones. It doesn't have a choice builtin.

Another plus for the Xiaomi phone is the two year service warranty. That beats the one year that Samsung gives.

I'm definitely making progress in learning how to use my Xiaomi Mi A2, and don't forget at the same time there's a new kitchen to set-up and get used to. At my age, I'm always glad to challenge my mind.

I'm not showing a picture of the phone, since it's ugly black. The model is so new that the store didn't have any nice cases for it, but the company gives a free case, also dark and boring.


Neshama said...

I don’t use a smartphone because of the EMFs and Radiation, its enough that I have a computer and wifi (and no microwave which roasts food and bodies). Add all these “Smart” technologies together and one is exposed to just too much. Plus, i intend to change the home phone back to a “plug into the wall model.” Reducing exposure is reducing sakana. People are just not aware what is happening to our minds and bodies.

Batya Medad said...

You are right. We don't have a microwave, which is my small attempt.