Friday, August 10, 2018

Shiloh Celebrating 40, Before The Show Began

Last night was a tremendous celebration for the forty years since Jews returned to live in Shiloh. we've been celebrating the forty year milestone for quite a while, but the big concert extravaganza is supposed to be the end of the party. Soon we'll start planning forty years of the school and our neighborhood.

Here are a few of the "warm up" photos. I was the first to sit down and save seats. The person in charge said that I could come in even though the ticket collector hadn't gotten set up yet.  There are times it's so nice to be old...

Israel's iconic, most popular entertainer Yehoram Gaon sang for a minute, checking out the sound etc. It was such a treat to hear him even for a few seconds.

I was tempted to walk over as he passed by afterwards to tell him that we had lived in "his grandfather's house*" in the Old City of Jerusalem our first year married/in Israel. He did catch my eye and nod, but I chickened out. Yehoram Gaon still has an amazing voice and during the show he was fantastic.

At the show I was so happy to be sitting with some of my children and grandchildren who traveled to Shiloh specially for the celebrations.

I plan on posting more photos and videos later on Shiloh Musings, so stay tuned.

*In Gaon's movie "I am a Jerusalemite," he enters the Old City and tells that he's walking to his grandfather's house.

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