Wednesday, November 05, 2008


G-d willing, I'll be returning to the pool this morning. I haven't been in the water since ours closed two months ago. Then I'll meet an old friend, who matches the two meanings of the italicized phrase.

Last night I packed my bag with my swimsuit, cap, swimming gloves etc for the first time in almost half a year. I'm trying something new. Instead of my bag on wheels, I'll carry a backpack. That's what I used earlier this week, when I slept at a friend's in between two Matan sessions. I was surprised at how comfortable it was. I was sure it wouldn't be, since I remember not being able to carry a baby on my back all those decades ago.

Yes, decades ago, my baby is turning 25 this month, G-d willing. He's back in Israel, thank G-d, and has discovered the Israel Football League. But before his big debut, he'll have a return appearance in the Tank Corps.

Today he's home and G-d willing will hang a picture for me. But more on that... later.


Anonymous said...

Ask my mother how she feels - it's just a few years' difference over here.

Batya said...

t', does your mother read my blog?