Friday, November 14, 2008

Waffles! Finally

Some of you may remember that my husband won the waffle iron door prize at the JBlogger convention. I told him that it was his. That was months ago, and the gadget has been hiding in the closet all this time.

Today, since my baby is here and his birthday is soon and he has miluim, (army reserves) next week, I decided to debut it. Pictures will be posted another time. I searched the internet for waffle recipes, simple, basic, easy-to-prepare waffle recipes. I don't beat egg whites!

After a while I noticed a basic formula:
  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 Tablespoons sugar, so sue me I used half a cup
  • 2 cups of milk
  • 2 eggs, I used 3, since the ones I buy are small
  • 1/2 cup oil
  • baking powder

Now, I used wholewheat flour, because that's what we have. I also used brown, dark brown, sugar, because it's tastier with the dark flour.

Actually, this is identical to pancakes. So, just think of waffles as textured pancakes. It's all in the "presentation," or "packaging."

Like for a cake, first I mixed the dry ingredients and then added the liquids. I mixed everything but not "too much."

The waffle iron seemed to have lost its instructions, and I tried searching on the internet. I could find the machine, but all it said was:

"Do you want to be the first to report about this waffle maker?"

So, I'm reporting. It's a Krup 2-waffle, and I couldn't figure out how to get the cooking parts out, without breaking the machine. During my internet search I did come up with something similar, where the site had a question:

"How do you clean the wafflemaker if you can't take it apart and can't submerge it in water?"

Good question!

I wiped it all with a damp paper towel, plugged it in, and it began to heat up. No, there isn't an on/off switch. Of course, what can I expect when we got it for nothing?

The first batch is better left where I left it, in the garbage. But after that it got better, though my husband kept asking why it wasn't crispy. Silicon cooking utensils don't get the food as crispy as old-fashioned stainless steel.

We ate them with maple-flavored sugar syrup. So, if you'd like to come for jblogger waffles, please bring some real maple syrup or other/better stuff for the waffles.


Jacob Da Jew said...

You should have called jameel for some waffle recipes.

Anonymous said...

Wait, there was silicon in the waffle maker?? I think I'm missing something here...

I just got some silicone pans; we'll see how my brownies turn out. My mother uses silicone bundt pans, and her cakes turn out just as good as before - only now they don't stick to the pan!

One caveat with regard to silicone pans: when filled with batter, they become very unstable, and must be placed onto a cookie sheet before they can be moved to the oven.

I'm curious about experimenting with different ingredients to make the brownies slightly more nutritious; somehow, I don't think it's going to work out very well with regard to the taste.

Krups - wow. Looks like your husband won a nice appliance.

Batya said...

jdj, true, but I figured that if he really had a good recipe, he'd blog it, and then it would pop up when I searched. I think his waffles are just a joke. Wait till you see the pictures of mine!

t, it must be silicon-coated. It should have come with a plastic fork. It really is amazing how it just came off. I bought my daughter some silicon baking pans, but I haven't taken the plunge yet.

Risa Tzohar said...

Pictures, pictures, we want PICTURES!!!

Batya said...

working on it m'dear

therapydoc said...

We got our waffle iron from my father, and FD makes them. My father won it at a casino. No one ever buys them.

Lady-Light said...

I'm trying to figure out what the hey is so special about waffles?!
It's apparently a JBlogger/Jameel-and-company inside joke. After all, waffles are just (as you so aptly said) just pancakes with a (modifying it a bit) tic-tac-toe pattern on them.
We happen to own-also a freebie, as I'd never buy this-a George Foreman grill, which we've never used; looking at it the other day, I realized that I could make it Milchig and use it to make waffles!
Ok, I get it.
Tell you what; when I'm in Israel next time, invite me over for waffles made with your Famous Free Prize Waffle-Maker!

Batya said...

Doc, I guess the wafflemakers are like croc pots, of which my daughter got at least 4 as wedding gifts. That's how we got ours.

ll, sure you're invited. Just let us know when you're next in. I think that waffles are a good excuse for all the sugary syrups. My neighbor has one with the abc.

Lady-Light said...

I actually prefer real maple syrup, but rarely have it (do you even know how much that costs? It's outrageous). Thanks for the invite.

Batya said...

OK, you can come sans the maple syrup!

RivkA with a capital A said...

Gotta admit to loving waffles. But, since we never won a waffle maker, I just make pancakes! ;-)

Would LOVE a Forman grill!! My friends paid a fortune for theirs!! Don't think it would work for waffles, though you can cook tivol shnitzels in it!

Batya said...

The big advantage with the wafflemaker is that you don't have to flip them.
My sons made me great steak with a special steak pan ( so you don't need a gf grill. You can use the money you save to buy steaks.