Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weird Post

Why a weird post? I don't know. I guess I'm tired. This is the sort of post you'd find on Frum Satire if he was a woman of advanced middle-age.

I've been thinking of posting this for months. Maybe it was the wine we had for dinner, taking the "baby" out for his 25th.

My question:
What do yo do when you're waiting for things to "move" on the computer?
Well, I "tweeze." I keep tweezers by the keyboard to keep "stray hairs" from thriving. No, I don't need a mirror. All you have to do is aim the tweezers wherever yo don't want hairs to be. Then squeeze and pull. It's amazing how many times I capture a hair, sight unseen. You can certainly do some reconnaissance, by carefully feeling your face and under your chin.
Yes, maybe I ought to go to sleep.


Leora said...


frumhouse said...

LOL! Maybe your new nickname will be "The Tweezing Bandit."

Batya said...

leora, frum, my darling young friends, in a couple of decades you may find yourselves doing the same.